March 24, 2010
1:55 PM

An HR Staff called me to do an interview.
I was puzzled. Why me?
But I was excited.
And I just said, "Yes".

2:15 PM
The HR Staff faxed the applicant's resume together with the Interview Guidesheet. I could not do a face-to-face interview for I was located on the satellite plant. Phone interview was the only means.

I studied the resume. Carefully checked the work experiences and technical skills. He was applying for Production Supervisor.

I found the answer to my question "Why me?".
We are on the same specialized engineering. The same college where we finished the degree.

2:20 PM
The interview started.

First, the most frequently asked questions during job interview.
Second, stringently interrogated about the work background that will be of good points parallel to what we are looking.
Third, situational questions regarding his past and present career achievements, disappointments, human-related and personal issues.
The interview lasted for 30 minutes.

*     *     *     *     *

What were my thoughts while I am doing the interview?

"Hire people who are better than you are, then leave them to get on with it . . . ; 
Look for people who will aim for the remarkable, who will not settle for the routine."

— David Ogilvy



"If the blind lead the blind, both shall fall in the ditch."
 - Jesus Christ -

This month has been a roller coaster ride for the production department of the company. Not really an exciting ride but more of a gruesome domino effect destroying the momentum of the production, or better yet destroying the morale of the workers?

I don't see it that way, neither the few employees who know the real deal of the situation nor the few laborers who are in the right mind to understand what is really happening in the moment.

So what was the quake that hit and shaken the department?

Usually, March kicks off the start of the lean season for our product. This is also the time when the Finished Goods (FG) Warehouse is trying to recover their stocks in order to stabilize the goods that is resulted from the peak season's demand. Unexpectedly, the peak season's demand is stable until this month which is a good indication of stable market and higher sales. Good for the company and hopefully good for the employees!

As it turns out, the FG has a low buffer stocks which resulted to a hand and mouth process of delivering goods. Worst that it gets, incomplete and delayed delivery has been observed. So profit loss is expected but for sure it's just minimal.

What were the contributory events that lead to this?



The Special Series: Population 7 Billion of National Geographic released a very interesting article about the most typical person in the world.

How it was made?

The composite image was made for National Geographic by the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing, China. A collection of photos over the ten-year course of using several national technology research program helped them to create the image of a 28 year-old Han Chinese male.

The most typical profile of the most typical person are :
  • 13% Speak Mandarin as their first language.
  • 19 % are Chinese
  • 33% are Christian
  • 40% work in services
  • 51% live in urban communities
  • 82 % are literate.
Do you look like him?

Well, here in the Philippines, he really looks familiar in the Streets of Ongpin, Binondo, and around Sta. Cruz, Manila.

Now, I wonder how a typical Filipino looks like? Whose face will represent the 100 Million Filipinos?