My inbox is full but I don't want to delete some messages.  So, I'd rather post and share these life quotations from friends.
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I won't dare question God why I undergo trials and challenges because I never question Him when I experience victory and happiness.

Sometimes not everything you want is given to you like the ideal person you wanna be with.  It may not turn out the way you expect it to be, but at the end you will see what you have is better than what you wanted.

Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their hard work. For if one of them  should fall, the other one can raise his partner. (Ecclesiastes 4:9-10)

Happiness can not be found at the end of the road.  It is the journey itself that matters.  Enjoy life and be happy.

Don't look for things or people that are not there. Just always be thankful for what you have; because the more you look for something not with you, the more you find something wrong with what you have. 

If God answers your prayers, He is increasing your faith.  If he delays, He is increasing your patience.  If He does not answer, He knows you can handle it.

The really happy person is the one who can enjoy the scenery, even when they have to take a detour. (Sir James Jeans)

What you have right now is what you deserve for now until God see you ready for the next level.

As much as you want to plan your life, it has a way of surprising you with unexpected things that will make you happier than you originally planned.

Not everything that you wanted and worked hard for is always meant to be yours. Somehow you lose. But when you lose, there will come a better one that you surely deserve more than anything.

Make your words soft, sweet and smooth. So when there comes a time you have to eat them, you can swallow easily.

There is always a part of that past that we want to have back but we could never have gotten what we have today if we did not let go of such yesterday.

Life daily task : Make sure you make someone happy before the day ends even if that someone is yourself.

When your life goes wrong, do not waste your time looking back at what you have lost for the road of life was not meant to be traveled backward. Just move on and say, "I am with God. I will get through."



My usual Sunday is laundry day.  Though I intended to spend my afternoon at home to take a nap, I felt crazy about this movie the first time I saw the trailer.  It was another Hangover-ly type of movie worthy to watch for a weekend laugh.

Getting to the moviehouse was a struggle.  There was the rain and my three-year old niece was very assertive to come with me.  I spent almost an hour trying to escape from him.  Fortunately, I managed to proceed as I handed him over to my cousin.

I was in the 5:00 PM movie schedule.  Although there were few moviegoers, It was a guaranteed seating policy, so it meant that there was no chance to watch it again which of course my preference. 

(for the short plot of the movie, follow this link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Due_Date )

From start to finish, it was a bomb of laughter. The whole package of Ethan Tremblay was hilarious.  His gestures, his crazy but trendy outfit, his masturbating dog – Sonny, and to top it all was his acting prowess.  The “Godfather lines” really gave me that jolt of exhilaration. As for Peter, I just loved that Robert Downey Jr played it.  Robert’s charisma added spice to the film - his sarcastic lines, his Ironman physique and Sherlock Holmes’ humor. A perfect blend of characters to match Ethan.

There were some heart-touching moments but never dull moments.  The scene with Jamie Foxx having a coffee (not knowing that it was the ashes of Ethan’s father) really put me in a laugh mess.  The ever commando rescue style in the US-Mexico border was another good shot. 

Overall, the film was a good icebreaker for my weekend boredom.



Last night was a long conversation with a newly found friend. The conversation was spontaneous although most of the stories were his. We jumped from one topic to another as we talked about life, religion, dreams, personality and character, and life-changing experiences. From that small chat, I got a glimpse of what future can offer, of what things that I should take seriously, of what important decisions to make and of what should I be.

These are few tid-bits that I have to ponder:

  • Should I dream bigger?  Before I graduated in college, I already had my plans.  Enter the industry for at least two years to gain experience. Target industry or work area concerns industrial waste management.  While working, enroll in a graduate schools here in the Philippines or abroad for a Master's degree with the specialization in Environmental Engineering and Management. After receiving the degree, enter the government or the academe to give back the goodness of life.  Basically, that is the structure.
As of now, although as optimistic as I can be, I'm quite skeptical if things will go the way I planned. Thanks to attorney.  I have my answer.

"Part of our plans will not work the way we expected but it is just a matter of adjusting our thinking close to reality".  We often frustrate ourselves with expectations yet we are aware that our expectations is beyond reality.  We want a prospering career in a span of short time yet our expertise are not well-equipped.  For a beginner like me, I dream to be at the top of my game yet what I have in the moment are technical theories yet very lacking in actual practice.  To realize that dream, reality check is needed.  "Wait, is it really possible with this period of time?  Let me evaluate. How long will it take me to be at the top? How long will it take to master my specialization? How long will it take to be an expert? How long will I achieve that big dream?"

The big dreams are part of me.  It may be set aside for a while due to unforeseen circumstances but it's still burning.  The passion. The dynamics, The pulsating excitement.  The gyration of hope.  The realization of dreams. Those are still alive inside me.

  • What are the things that will satisfy and, at the same time, content me?  I always say that contentment is relative.  It is upon the discretion of the people based on nature and nurture. You may hear a lot of people talking about the zeroes in their paycheck, newly acquired properties, top of the line cars, and other luxuries of life yet they are still clamoring for more. They particularly know what are the things that fill them but time will come that those are no longer satisfying.  They are no longer contented.  So the important question is how long till I feel full and content?  When will that be?
As a young professional, I often told myself that CAREER can give me satisfaction and to be more particular, a REMARKABLE CAREER.  I accepted the challenge in my present workplace because of this.  The position I handle is a pioneer.  It means I am the one that will build great things from ashes. I will design my plans in conformance to the goals of the company.  Does it feel rewarding?

Yes. It feels great.  Greatness, I must say, is one of the things that is very attracting and addicting. It satisfies me whereas contentment is another thing worthy to find.  And I believed attorney found it already.

"A point in your life will tell you that it is the time to enjoy.  Feel free from responsibility.  Feel free from the arrogance of strangers.  Feel the warmth of the sun.  Hear the whispering wind that touches your skin.  Throw away your burden on your shoulders.  Live life to the fullest because at the end of the day, it is your responsibility to yourself to be happy and content."

  • Life offers much of what I need but what can I offer to life?  Culture of community belongingness is a major trademark during my college years.  We did regular outreach activities both for short and long term development assistance.  We crossed rivers to reach the Dumagats of Bulacan. We facilitated literacy program for underprivileged children of Ipo.  We tried to build homes in conjunction of the vision of Gawad Kalinga.  This spirit of sharing was indeed life changing experiences. 
I almost forgot that particular endeavor of becoming a VOLUNTEER when I enter the industry and focus on my career.  I became inactive in civic clubs where I used to be a member. I became a plain person without purpose.  That's how it felt.

Fortunately, I was invited in our Alma Mater to be a Guest Speaker in their Annual Student Congress with the Alumni last September.  It was a career congress per se.  I shared pieces of experiences which concerns my career.  Cited some instances that encouraged the students to pursue their career with utmost devotion. Shortly after that, the feeling was familiar.  It was a privilege that revived the VOLUNTEER in me.

I had the same feeling last night when attorney revealed to me a story that led to the establishment of his foundation.  I was amazed on how people touch other people's lives in an instant, on how God moves people to serve Him, on how a person changes lives and making a difference.  As for me, another door opens for me to get in and catch up to the journey I started.

Our conversation ended with much appreciation, learning and hope.



You should probably meet the Walker Family!!!

Everybody lies.

Will I ever see the ending of this series?



I wonder how many people dream to have successful and growing careers. I wonder how many of them want to be remarkable in their workplace. I wonder how many of them commit to have legacy at their own right that can be always remembered. I wonder how many of them dream big as much as I dream exaggerations. I wonder how many of them express their discontentment on their impressive achievements. I wonder how many of them want to initiate change. I always wonder...
When I enter an organization, I always bring high hopes, dynamic drive, spontaneous passion and commitment in me and expect to share the same spirit with others. I am optimistic that every hour is worthy of staying and learning. I am a contributor that wants to take every step to a higher level of growth and precision. I am a revolutionary. There is a part of me that jostles against inappropriate culture and norms. Inappropriate culture that hinders development, and norms that deprive the rule of new beneficial expectations and actions.  

Unconventional. That is the idea. 
Now that I am part of an organization, where do I stand?
At this moment, I stand at the edge. I want to question their rule and expectations. I want to question their ability to cope with a drastic change of technical development. I want to see their ability to accept change. I want to scrutinize their plans on how they will invest not only in the future of the organization but also in the machinery that boosts the production of their valuable goods. I want to know the basis of accepting qualified people. I need to comprehend how they value people. I need to know the answers to the puzzling questions that can trigger a sudden turn down of events that may affect the organization in a blitz.  

But for now, I can do my observations. Examine the prevailing atmosphere. Do my job at best. Invest in my own development. Do my part.
Afterwards, if things are still the same, radical change may crawl without signs.



Career is a race.  Race of endless learning.  Race of timeless experience.  Race of progress through life.  Race of self-competitiveness.

Politics is a collective effort.  An effort to make things in order.  An effort to withdraw non-conformance.  An effort to withstand power.

Bad politics is a riot.  A riot of effort to grab some ass*s of superiors.  A riot of crawling self-interest.  A riot of grudges to make other people unproductive.  A riot of provocation.

Religion is a belief.  A belief of origin.  A belief of organized worshiping.  A belief of submitting oneself to the Creator.  A belief of giving back the blessings of life.  A belief of concern.

Mislead religion is a disgrace. A disgrace of insanity that clings to quantitative value.  A disgrace of egoistic claim.  A disgrace of self-proclaimed savior.  A disgrace of gathering people towards the idea of salvation and of which the sole provider is the mislead belief.

Is it possible to see these elements working hand-in-hand in a workplace?

Absolutely YES!  Try to ponder this example.
       John was a new technical employee at Company A.  He had good credentials upon application: good grades, strong leadership background, remarkable achievements, and excellent communication skills.  Though a stranger in his new job, he adjusted quickly which can be validated by his successful projects and on-going technical proposals.
       With these results, his superior was impressed and proud.  Proud of himself that he was the one who discovered that potential in John.  Proud of himself that he got an eye for a glistening gold.  One thing unusual about them was John and his superior were of completely different field of expertise.  John was a technical person while his superior was a not-so technical.  So, how the heck did they understand each other?
        Every time John proposed a project, it was his superior who presented it to the management.  John did not have any idea how things were presented if it was convincing and worthy of approval.  Feedbacks that were always given by his superior, "it is for further study", "it is under consideration" and the worst, no feedback at all.
         John was always blinded on the progress he wanted to.       

So how are the three working?


Differences is the key for bad politics and mislead religion to oppress a dynamic career.  You may not totally agree with me but where in the world could you see that career, politics and religion work harmoniously to reach an ultimate goal of development?  Even church and state have its separation and whenever one is trying to influence the other, for sure it is a riot.

On the contrary, differences can be settled upon compromising. Meet halfway.  But the sad part, compromising can not be reached in a workplace where greediness for power, inflicting self-interests and cultural stagnation are prevailing.

So what will happen to poor John?

He has his choices.