Seldom that we witness an institution or company that works with trust.

A conventional workplace monitors you from time to time, making sure that every seconds of your hour is solely for work purpose. Internet access is very limited, even blocking different social networking sites. Your time card serves as your attendance. Off site training is very limited, in-house is preferred. That's how it works.

Trust is always an issue to those employers who are profit-based operation. But for those who are working with greater endeavor, trust is an expectation. It is given right away, expecting you to do the right thing.

"Mahihiya ka na lamang sa sarili mo kung sakaling gumawa ka ng mga bagay na taliwas sa mabuting kulturang nais ibahagi sa iyo."



The long wait is finally over.

I am going to start a new job at a new company at a new place. Everything will be new.

In two days time, I will officially step my foot on their well driven path. And I am pretty excited.



I was a man of conviction.

I was a man with great vision.

I was a potent force that rigorously gyrating to blow up.

I was a planner.

I was an organizer.

I believed I had an eye for details.

I was always on the move. I was not an all-day-sitter.

I meant to be great.

I had a big dream.

It was a dream of a lifetime.

It was me before I faced the real world, before I entered the corporate world and before I forgot who I used to be.

*      *     *     *     *

Two years since I graduated from college.

I did things that were predictable.

I joined a company meant to earn a living. Well, that is the primary purpose of getting and working for a job. Otherwise, what the heck should I do with my life!

I am staying with the first company that I joined. Without any choice I guess, fourteen months has already passed.

I could feel that I am stuck.

I lost my passion.

I could not hold on to my purpose.

I could not see a better career direction.

I feel dumb. Well, that is the result of anti-neurotic practices of just letting things happen as you are told so. Not really 100%. A major blame should be thrown at the culture of human stagnancy. But no one cares except yourself, right?

This will just be a stop. (Yeah! Some kind of a bus stop.)

A one of hundred steps to reach for something higher.

*      *      *      *     *

After watching this video, a flickered in my inner passion was sufficient to do something.

I need to find the old Alvin.

The passionate Alvin. :)

The visionary.

The planner and organizer.

The remarkable one.

(This is my space so bragging about myself is allowed. Hihihi!)



March 24, 2010
1:55 PM

An HR Staff called me to do an interview.
I was puzzled. Why me?
But I was excited.
And I just said, "Yes".

2:15 PM
The HR Staff faxed the applicant's resume together with the Interview Guidesheet. I could not do a face-to-face interview for I was located on the satellite plant. Phone interview was the only means.

I studied the resume. Carefully checked the work experiences and technical skills. He was applying for Production Supervisor.

I found the answer to my question "Why me?".
We are on the same specialized engineering. The same college where we finished the degree.

2:20 PM
The interview started.

First, the most frequently asked questions during job interview.
Second, stringently interrogated about the work background that will be of good points parallel to what we are looking.
Third, situational questions regarding his past and present career achievements, disappointments, human-related and personal issues.
The interview lasted for 30 minutes.

*     *     *     *     *

What were my thoughts while I am doing the interview?

"Hire people who are better than you are, then leave them to get on with it . . . ; 
Look for people who will aim for the remarkable, who will not settle for the routine."

— David Ogilvy