I was a man of conviction.

I was a man with great vision.

I was a potent force that rigorously gyrating to blow up.

I was a planner.

I was an organizer.

I believed I had an eye for details.

I was always on the move. I was not an all-day-sitter.

I meant to be great.

I had a big dream.

It was a dream of a lifetime.

It was me before I faced the real world, before I entered the corporate world and before I forgot who I used to be.

*      *     *     *     *

Two years since I graduated from college.

I did things that were predictable.

I joined a company meant to earn a living. Well, that is the primary purpose of getting and working for a job. Otherwise, what the heck should I do with my life!

I am staying with the first company that I joined. Without any choice I guess, fourteen months has already passed.

I could feel that I am stuck.

I lost my passion.

I could not hold on to my purpose.

I could not see a better career direction.

I feel dumb. Well, that is the result of anti-neurotic practices of just letting things happen as you are told so. Not really 100%. A major blame should be thrown at the culture of human stagnancy. But no one cares except yourself, right?

This will just be a stop. (Yeah! Some kind of a bus stop.)

A one of hundred steps to reach for something higher.

*      *      *      *     *

After watching this video, a flickered in my inner passion was sufficient to do something.

I need to find the old Alvin.

The passionate Alvin. :)

The visionary.

The planner and organizer.

The remarkable one.

(This is my space so bragging about myself is allowed. Hihihi!)