He was an unexpected visitor in that very good afternoon.

I was busy doing my job. Finding what could really inspired me to continue to this organization. And then I found the answer in that very good afternoon.

I was hanging by a thread. I already made up my mind that once an opportunity knocks on my career door then it is a major career move. But in that very good afternoon, something came up unexpected. I just wanted to see more of the big plan. I wanted to be part of it. I wanted to stay to witness a drastic change for development.

The visitor shared a piece of his vision. A vision that dictates a new realization that there is a huge box of expectations waiting to be opened in two years time. It was a relieve. I was wrong to be too judgmental. Nevertheless, that very good afternoon was rewarding.

I was overwhelmed when I learned that the visitor and I shared something in common.  We wanted a technology-based production that can surpass the quality standards that we want to implement.  We were in agreement to a certain issue of the organization in terms departmental and unit reconstruction. I connected to a certain level of rational thinking with the visitor in that very good afternoon.

In that very good afternoon, I was visited by the President.


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