How do you value yourself?  How do people value your potentials?

Finding my first job was not an easy shot.  It took about six months to finally landed the job that I preferred.  The job that I thought to be an application of my bachelor degree.  Prior to that, I sent resume to different companies ranging from manufacturing of goods to sales, quality assurance tasks to technical salesman work, and then I ended up to manufacturing of polyurethane foam, which I believe is very relevant to my area of study.

The task at hand was paramount.  The pressure was at high level in the barometer.  The job that I took was a Goliath for a David like me but it was a BIG CHALLENGE!

I had to start from scratch.  No history.  No data.  No materials to study.  No standards.  No traces of technical development.  It was a den of traditions that declined science and technical change.

For a neophyte that barely starting his career, the work seemed to be unbearable unless there was a mentor, an adviser, or a consultant that could consecrate his/her expertise to the trainee which is a customary working environment for most companies in the country.  Most entry level employees receive multiple assistance from the organizations where they belong.  They are well supervised, guided and instructed to the tiniest details of technical processes. For this case, these setups are missing.  No traces that personnel competency is transferred from one generation to another.

The five-month probationay period ended well.  A laboratory room was built.  Acquisition of necessary equipment to start the research and development was facilitated.  Some minor laboratory trials for various products were conducted and produced remarkable results.  These were the work of a beginner.

Are these accomplishments enough to say that this neophyte has great potential?

Well, the company did not give much attention or simply did not see it.  Or should I say that the company has this culture of personnel development deprivation.

The day I signed for my regularization, I deeply express my dismay on how they evaluate the important unit of their development.  I was disheartened.  I value my career as much as I value myself but do they value the right person as much as they value their spirit of gaining more profit?

I am still hoping.

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