Career is a race.  Race of endless learning.  Race of timeless experience.  Race of progress through life.  Race of self-competitiveness.

Politics is a collective effort.  An effort to make things in order.  An effort to withdraw non-conformance.  An effort to withstand power.

Bad politics is a riot.  A riot of effort to grab some ass*s of superiors.  A riot of crawling self-interest.  A riot of grudges to make other people unproductive.  A riot of provocation.

Religion is a belief.  A belief of origin.  A belief of organized worshiping.  A belief of submitting oneself to the Creator.  A belief of giving back the blessings of life.  A belief of concern.

Mislead religion is a disgrace. A disgrace of insanity that clings to quantitative value.  A disgrace of egoistic claim.  A disgrace of self-proclaimed savior.  A disgrace of gathering people towards the idea of salvation and of which the sole provider is the mislead belief.

Is it possible to see these elements working hand-in-hand in a workplace?

Absolutely YES!  Try to ponder this example.
       John was a new technical employee at Company A.  He had good credentials upon application: good grades, strong leadership background, remarkable achievements, and excellent communication skills.  Though a stranger in his new job, he adjusted quickly which can be validated by his successful projects and on-going technical proposals.
       With these results, his superior was impressed and proud.  Proud of himself that he was the one who discovered that potential in John.  Proud of himself that he got an eye for a glistening gold.  One thing unusual about them was John and his superior were of completely different field of expertise.  John was a technical person while his superior was a not-so technical.  So, how the heck did they understand each other?
        Every time John proposed a project, it was his superior who presented it to the management.  John did not have any idea how things were presented if it was convincing and worthy of approval.  Feedbacks that were always given by his superior, "it is for further study", "it is under consideration" and the worst, no feedback at all.
         John was always blinded on the progress he wanted to.       

So how are the three working?


Differences is the key for bad politics and mislead religion to oppress a dynamic career.  You may not totally agree with me but where in the world could you see that career, politics and religion work harmoniously to reach an ultimate goal of development?  Even church and state have its separation and whenever one is trying to influence the other, for sure it is a riot.

On the contrary, differences can be settled upon compromising. Meet halfway.  But the sad part, compromising can not be reached in a workplace where greediness for power, inflicting self-interests and cultural stagnation are prevailing.

So what will happen to poor John?

He has his choices.

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