My usual Sunday is laundry day.  Though I intended to spend my afternoon at home to take a nap, I felt crazy about this movie the first time I saw the trailer.  It was another Hangover-ly type of movie worthy to watch for a weekend laugh.

Getting to the moviehouse was a struggle.  There was the rain and my three-year old niece was very assertive to come with me.  I spent almost an hour trying to escape from him.  Fortunately, I managed to proceed as I handed him over to my cousin.

I was in the 5:00 PM movie schedule.  Although there were few moviegoers, It was a guaranteed seating policy, so it meant that there was no chance to watch it again which of course my preference. 

(for the short plot of the movie, follow this link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Due_Date )

From start to finish, it was a bomb of laughter. The whole package of Ethan Tremblay was hilarious.  His gestures, his crazy but trendy outfit, his masturbating dog – Sonny, and to top it all was his acting prowess.  The “Godfather lines” really gave me that jolt of exhilaration. As for Peter, I just loved that Robert Downey Jr played it.  Robert’s charisma added spice to the film - his sarcastic lines, his Ironman physique and Sherlock Holmes’ humor. A perfect blend of characters to match Ethan.

There were some heart-touching moments but never dull moments.  The scene with Jamie Foxx having a coffee (not knowing that it was the ashes of Ethan’s father) really put me in a laugh mess.  The ever commando rescue style in the US-Mexico border was another good shot. 

Overall, the film was a good icebreaker for my weekend boredom.

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