After two weeks of thinking whether to tackle or not this issue, I just moved by the sudden change of situation in the company.  So here it is.

* * * *

I always believe that for an organization to reach its goals at an optimum ability and phasing, choosing the right person with the right and exact qualifications and experiences is a major consideration that has to be scrutinized and given priority especially when this person has to hold a vital position in the organization. People is a machinery that boosts the productivity of the organization.

But what happens when people are little bit off to their ability to take major responsibility yet still clinging to that edge of desperation to impress the organization? A MAJOR DISASTER.

Here are the few signs that a high profile person in the organization is barely inexperienced yet trying hard to take the challenge.

(1) He/she holds a technical position that requires in depth knowledge on process and troubleshooting yet he/she is an accountant. (No offense to our best accountants that do their job well in the context of their ability and knowledge)

(2) He/she serves as a bridge over troubled technical know how between his/her subordinates and the management yet he/she can not justify the means.

(3) He/she tries his/her best to digest technical information including but not limited to chemical reactions, rejection data, quality standardization and material testing yet for sure he/she is very troubled.

(4) He/she always agrees with his/her subordinates trying to look that he/she knows the details of the topics yet he/she looks an asshole when having that kind of scenario.

(5) And the worst of all, he/she takes the credits of a well done job performed by his/her subordinates.  A MAJOR ASSHOLE!

For sure, some people will tell that this person is just exploring his/her other skills which is an acceptable reason.  He/she is trying to expand his/her unparalleled horizon of hardworking.  Yes! He/she is hardworking but please be a SMART WORKER.

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