I felt that this year has been unproductive. Though I landed my first job that almost consumes my entire year, I felt empty in terms of career development.

January - April
I was very busy for job seeking.

I got my first job.

May - October
Probationary Period.
  • A laboratory room was established.
  • Initial acquisition of necessary laboratory tools and equipment.
  • Initial study on new products.
  • Compiled necessary Test Methods.
  • PCO Assistance
November - present
  • New formulation for an existing product.
  • New formulation for new type of the same product.
  • Further study on other products.
  • Working on Quality Assurance Development Plan.
So few accomplishments.  Most projects are on-going status. These give me frustrations.

But before the year ends, something worthwhile happened. I hope this will push through. I am keeping my fingers cross.

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